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i am about a day early but you know how your leap year birthday is.... Nov 31st probably comes every uh.... 10 years LOL

anyway i have dumped my long term bf, dsl, for my new bf, cable. actually i didnt do it, my mom did. she went to return an extra cable box we had to comcast and the sales guy sold her on cable internet.... which is PERFECT because i tried to convince her to switch over and she didnt want to. so whoever that guy was, i thank you!

Whee~! according to frank, it's fast. he kept saying it when he was setting it up for me yesterday. lol (btw, thanks!!! next dinner, my treat)

oh and my home number no longer works. LOL my mom canceled that too. but land line has been a really long ex, i have no interest in him back when cell phones came out lol and half the family stopped picking up phone calls at home for a while now... lol

good bye to the blood center that calls me every eight weeks!

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