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lucky? or no?

yesterday morning, as i went to get breakfast with nick after my first class... i realized that my wallet was gone. now i usually keep two wallets. one is for the money and one is for the credit cards, ids, etc. but i kept $10 in the card wallet, hoping it'll limit me from using all my money that i have... and that's when i realized that it was gone. so instantly i did a search in my head to see where i could've dropped it. now i know i had it on the bus because my fastpass was in it and i took it out to show it to the bus driver. so from 730 to 900 am, i have lost my wallet. i had a feeling tht it'll probably be on the bus because i was really sleepy the whole time going there. fell asleep and all. it's possible that i thought i slipped it in my bag but didnt... and it dropped. or when it was on my lap, it fell out of the bag. it's not zipped. but i gave it the benefit of doubt and hoped i dropped it in class. couldnt find it in class tho. so yesterday afternoon when i got out of school, i started to cancel all the credit cards i have in it. but i gotta admit, i'm most upset with the fastpass. i'm only halfway through!

last night at work on my break, i gave muni a call and reported my wallet lost. they say they'll call if anything comes up. this morning within my three hours break at school, i went to the lost and found in the building that i had my class in to look for it. no luck. they suggested that i give the campus police a call, so i did. still no luck. i went to get a new student id. and after school, while i was in the car, getting driven to dmv, i got a call from my brother, "you idiot, you dropped your wallet on the bus and the bus driver came to our house to drop it off." apparently either someone handed it to him or he found it, saw my address and was kind enough to stop by and give me back my stuff. everything's there. even the $10 and the fastpass.

i'm not sure if i'm lucky because i have everything back or bad luck that i lost it in the first place lol


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