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the weekend

so the weekend was extra fun. ♥

sunday i went snowboarding with jen, her bf simpson and his coworker. (yes we did a one day thing) and i guess because it was my first time using my new board, i was NOT used to it at all. i knew it was faced the wrong way. good thing simpson was prepared so he had the tools and i switched them around. after that, i didnt fall that often unless i wanted to. problem is, even tho i didnt fall often, i landed hard on hard snow, ice. i am not joking when i said that my ass is so bruised. yes i know, TMI. but OUCH. i'm sore

and yeah, my leg gave out hella quickly. i need to work out more so it wont give out so quickly next time i go. hah. and i'm hella sore... i dont remember being this sore last year! i guess walking around at sony all the time, eight hours a day, does help! but anyway, i had a lot of fun and i heard that simpson wanna go often, so teehee, jen dont forget to invite your ah mui! i promised next time i wouldnt be so "ma faan" hehehe thank you for being so patient with me! hehe

oh funniest thing, i kept thinking i went to northstar before. so when i got there, i was like "oh it has changed so much in a year!" (esp. how it was under construction for a lot of things...) but i realized later that i mistaken northstar for seirra and i actually have NEVER been to northstar in my life LOL i'm so dumb.

but hey, i dont fall off the lift anymore!!! WHEE~! thank you jen for your advice :)

♥ i feel so taken care of :)
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