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2006 horoscope

check out your 2006 horoscope

edited: sasalee gave me a good idea to save it and look back.. and i thought... what better place to save it but here? teehee :P of course you dont have to read it if you dont wanna :) (it's pretty long)

General Overall Review
You've been carrying a secret around for some time now - maybe even for months. It wasn't terribly oppressive to start with, but as the New Year begins, one of your resolutions will likely be to start fresh and let go of all emotional baggage, once and for all.

Winter and spring
Mid-January is the time to get it all out in the open. At that point, an ex is extremely likely to call or email - and not just to see how the cat's doing either. If you're attached now, you can expect to finally be able to make friends with that ex, even if just about everyone would have sworn it couldn't be done.

After all the clearing out you'll accomplish in early 2006, you'll be ready, willing and able to move on to more pleasant matters - and more exciting ones too. Around mid-March, a lunar eclipse in your own sign will bring about a really big change in your love life. Not to worry: Given everything else that's on your astrological agenda, it can't help but be positive!

Summer and autumn
In fact, no matter what you initiated earlier this year, you can expect it to bear fruit around the solar eclipse in late September. Oh, and if you're thinking about making some physical changes, plan to start a new diet or exercise program around either of those eclipses. These supercharged meetings of the Sun and Moon are famous for passing out energy, confidence and mega-determination. Invest that energy wisely, and you're pretty much guaranteed total and complete success - mainly because you just won't stand for anything less.

The end of 2006
When it comes to finances, things are looking good this year. Really good. Last year brought you luck and opportunities in that department, and you likely took advantage of it all. Of course, it took lots of hard work to make things happen - but then, you've never been lazy, have you? As practical as you are, no one needed to remind you to stash a bit of last year's 'luck' away either. Now (with the possible exception of September and October, when you may be more prone to impulse-spending than usual) you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour. So if you want to go a bit overboard - just a bit! - or if there's someone in your life you'd really love to spoil, you won't have to worry about the bills this time around. Have a great year - you've certainly earned it all.


Romantic Horoscope
It's a year for releasing any unnecessary burdens that are holding you back and picking up new connections that you can carry joyfully into the New Year. At the beginning of 2006, think carefully about the parts of your life that are freely accessible to your friends and family, and the parts that you've kept hidden for whatever reason. A secret that once seemed harmless may be eating away at you, and January is the time to let it go and free up your energy for fresh connections. By the middle of the month, a former lover may make a surprise attempt to get back in contact with you. If you're presently in a relationship, don't pass up the valuable opportunity to achieve a real friendship with this person.

Winter and spring
Once you've put musty relics from your old life behind you, you'll be ready to move on to exciting new developments. During the month of March, a lunar eclipse is likely to bring dramatic change or new faces to your love life. Don't let the prospect frighten you - with all the positive momentum you're experiencing, there's no chance this evolution will take you anywhere but good places.

Summer and autumn
No matter what road you head down, you'll fully come into your own by the solar eclipse at the end of September. By the time autumn unfurls her leaves, you'll be exercising a whole new aspect of your personality, thanks to a partner who excites your senses like no one ever has before. It's as though you've been going through your life with your eyes closed, and suddenly you're plunged into a fairy-tale forest, where streams sing constant melodies in your ear and picturesque mosses hang over every branch of every tree. This person will be your guide through a landscape of unfamiliar but wholly positive emotions.

By the end of 2006
Be sure to express the gratitude you feel. Sometimes it's hard to admit you don't have exclusive control over your own happiness, but it will be a pleasure to admit you owe some of your contentment to such a compassionate source.


Career Horoschope
That ace up your sleeve will be nearing its expiration date as 2006 begins, so play it before it's too late. Start the year thinking about fresh starts and new opportunities - you should be able to put the past behind you like never before. At the same time, it wouldn't hurt to check back in with old references to see how things are going while you move forward. You might recycle a fond old memory into a new chapter in your career, no matter how far you've come since. Sooner is better for all of this professional housekeeping, so try to take care of it by February.

Winter and spring
Big changes, most of them positive, will come your way throughout the bulk of the year. The lunar eclipse in the middle of March will have an especially profound effect on your relationship with your employer (or clients, if you freelance). It is also a great time to start new projects - including, if you're ready, a job search.

Summer and autumn
Changes won't occur at great speed, but they will move inexorably forward until the fall, when you will start to see some serious returns on your investments. Make sure that you are engaging in due diligence regarding your body and health through this period, as it will be all too easy to forget those needs and slide into physical difficulties. If you can keep all your plates spinning through the spring and summer, you will be in great shape to reap the big rewards that will start to come in September.

The end of 2006
You are all about the details, but this year will see you let go of some of the financial control that you are so good at - because things are doing fine on their own. The streak of good fortune that began in 2005 continues through much of 2006, but you wouldn't dream of coasting. Building on your experience and assets, you'll be able to create something new and valuable if you apply yourself. Once things really start to pick up in the autumn, you will be tempted to invest more than you can afford. Make sure to tuck something away for the winter, just in case.


not sure if i should believe in these things, but they are always fun to play around. wow if this is true, i'm gonna have an overall good 2006 ;)
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