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friendster. mishearing

my friendster profile has been viewed 50 times since 01/01/06. wtf? that means my profile has been viewed 8 times per day.

i wonder who it is
stop stalking me! ;P
jk :)

so i'm on my friendster profile and everytime i am on it, i have to listen to infernal affair. it's my song! i wish i could read chinese, i'll sing it at K :P i guess i'll just have to listen to it over and over again until i know it by heart lol!

hmmmm i think i might need an andy icon :P

my coworkers (ALL OF THEM!) have a reputation of mishearing things. like pretty badly. and sometimes they would mishear it in a bad way and then totally purposedly change it a little.

just right now, i was like "hey does anyone smell popcorn?" someone downstairs is making something with butter. and my coworker was like "what? does anyone smell pot?" and the other is like "what? does anyone sell pot?" LOL

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