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because i am like this

i will do an update of how busy i am... for procastination hahah ironic isnt it? to procastinate by updating an entry about how busy i am. LOL anyways, i got two papers due this week. one tomorrow, yeah that's why i'm pro-ing and one on friday (thank God) weird, both nick and i thought it was due weds when it's not. we were like "wtf? it's due friday?" i think it's possible that i brainwashed him and told him it's due weds... so he thought so too. anyways i think that paper i can do, this paper on the other hand, i'm having some trouble bs-ing 5 pages.

then i got concerts to go on weds, friday, saturday and sunday. so i'll be driving to chico on friday and from chico, i'll drive to LA... and then monday i gotta work at 2 because my fucking manager wont let me off... so i'll be up early monday morning... *UGH* and then... i just found out TODAY that we're moving monday to richmond (district, NOT the city)... so i gotta pack and throw stuff away by friday. wtf wtf wtf... at the same time i work every single day but the days i have concerts on...

what fun.... my mom just told me that i cant buy any clothes this year =( how am i going to survive?! "i'm scared just looking at your closet" she's talking about packing.


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