hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
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randomness to myself

- i think andy lau looks better as he gets older. if the young one ask me out, i would think about it. but if the andy now asks me out, even tho he's twice as old, i'll say yes in a heartbeat LoL
- youtube is a good way to waste time and procastinate
- i gotta stop buying stuff online. i just used my credit card three times today
- i get 3 miles per dollar i use for selected restaurants! whoo hoo!
- i have enough miles to go somewhere! teehee! (i think)
- i cant wait to get my online stuff LoL wheee~!
- pre-order takes forever :(
- i still havent used any of my puma gift cards :|
- i just realized that when i have kids, i'm gonna spoil them half to death
- chococat is love
- laughing is good
- i feel so lazy right now
- blah! assholes who scream at me can "die in the fire" lol!
- ok i just caught myself thinking mean thoughts again
- it kinda freaked me out for a second to look at a picture and know which venue it was
- i need an andy lau icon
- i cant believe it took me five mins to find an icon for this entry


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