hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
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bwhahahahah apparently the nudging thing worked! ahahahahah garfpooky mentioned this nudging option for LJ... so i went ahead and nudged a bunch of ppl and a few updated LOL frank's entry was like "if any of you think this entry to crappy or there's too much jumping around well...i only wrote this cuz eli NUDGED me real hard! lol."

thanks, you guys who updated/updates, whether i nudged you or not hehehe ;P

i tried nudging some other ppl for the heck of it. like heather LOL but they wont let me because she updated recently hahahahah funny :)

i wanna see how it's like to be nudge... but that means i cant update for at least a week. i dont think that's gonna happen anytime soon LOL i even update when i'm on vacation sometimes. (i love you, treo) lol

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