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amuzing emails

i got a few emails that i thought this was amuzing.

1) Roses are #FF0000 at ThinkGeek

i actually thought this was cute when i saw the subject. i'm such a nerd. does it make me more of a nerd to actually know what that means? i mean everyone knows that #FF0000 is red right??

2) Welcome in the Year of the Dog with Beyond Entertainment at BarTOP this Friday as we roll-out the red carpets for the Dogs in the Bay by offering FREE Admission Before 11:30pm For Everyone Born In 1982. (Prove you're a dog by bringing a valid ID!)

when i saw how the subject said that beyond is celebrating the year of the dog... i thought to myself, "i wonder if that means they let ppl born in the year of the dog in for free?" lol i was right!

how funny is that?! i wonder if this includes you being on the list or not? not like i'm going but still funny.
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