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things i've did

sheessh no one is answering to my last post on the journal =( only answers through ims lol

well anyways, monday i finally get to do something i havent done in while... well a few things. (1) is hanging out with salina and heather. havent done that in a while hahaha and (2) laura too! whoo that was a long time. i dont even remember the last time we've met lol (3) i went to "fum cha" (4) i finally get to play mj. and of course when you play mj, you have to (5) watch "fat choi spirit." i mean of course, when you play with on, der and laura? no andy watching?? whatever! hahaah jk :P and (6) bought hella chinese snacks that i havent eaten since i was a little tiny girl hehe (7) i also watched a new chinese movie... havent done that in a while. and last but not least i (8) borrowed a vcd, "love undercover" from onon hahaha ppl!!! (esp. der and on) let's go watch "love undercover 2"!! i think miriam and daniel's characters are so cute together. i laughed my ass off watching that.

even tho i lost :D i love MJ!

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