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the love of my life, jrc, is putting himself up for an auction tonight... at 6:30 PM. the cover to get into the bar is $50 o____O but seriously tho. if it was in sf, i would've tried to make it. i dont mind forking out $50 to see the love of my life put himself up for auction and see how much ppl are willing to pay him for a dinner. lol

i mean what if i could afford it? :P he might freak out LOL but probably wouldnt be surprised. altho i dunno how happy eric would be LOL

well, let's end this entry with something jesse said in the last tour diary:

Remember that we are the product of our what surrounds us on a day to day basis, and we are also each in charge of choosing our own paths. We've all got to enjoy whatever is going on in our lives while it's happening, because nothing stays the same for very long. - jrc
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