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it's hard to let go

it's so hard to let go. everything seemed to have memories attached to it and you're thinking, 'i cant through this away' man i sound like those old ppl or something. anyways, my room is fricking dusty... what do you expect huh i am very lazy after all. but yeah, my desk feels empty... packing a lot of stuff away... should see my closet, that's crazy. dont remember seeing it so empty before. lol. and my luck, i've been so busy that my sister get to pick her bed and i get stuck with whatever she picked =\ two of the same kind. i'm still wondering how i can fit everything in that room. it's weird because it is bigger than the one i have now yet i'm debating if everything will fit. wtf right.

funny thing is that i packed all my clothes but some for the trip. then i decided i wanna wear somethign else instead for modesto's concert... i cannot find it!! damn this packing. that's what happens when i clean or pack or whatever. it's like misplaced, so it's lost and never to be found.

on another note, i need some sleep


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