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Koo-ki Sushi

look what jen showed me... :P THANKS!


IKURA - A crisp rice cookie under rows of apricot flavored "gummi-eggs" then wrapped in dark chocolate

-- A chocoholic’s dream come true! Your choice of one piece of SUEDY'S KOO-KI SUSHI® on a beautiful, hand-molded dark or white chocolate plate, artfully edged with edible copper or gold luster. Go ahead, eat the sushi, nibble on the plate – it’s the perfect eat-it-all dessert!

Each 4” square plate is arranged with garnish and a touch of greenery and comes wrapped in cellophane with a gift tag and box. --

this is so cool LOL
i dunno if i would be able to eat it if i got one LOL
GREAT, where is this eating icon i've been talking about?! I FOUND ONE! teehee
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