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OMG. this night so makes up for the golden gate park. the golden gate park one, sunday, was so disappointing and unfullfilling... did i tell you what happened? they played about six songs which is great but after the show, we tried to look for them, what we usually do.. DIDNT FIND CRAP. no where to be seen, in the fricking heat. it sucked.

but yesterday... yesterday was amazing. i went to modesto with my coworker, john, to go see maroon5. i introduced him to maroon5 hehe and he liked them, so i told him he gotta hear them live!! and so he went with me. we made really good time and was there a little earlier than expected. like about 4 hours early hahah we got there at 330. we managed to find the venue and when we got to the venue, the door was open and i hear music playing. i walked in to see maroon5 doing sound check. and i was in shocked and so happy. so i just stood there with john and we were just watching them and this asshole security guard comes up to us and asked us, "do you need any help?" and i said, "no" and he just basically kicked us out. and while he did that i begged him to let us watch since there is only the TWO of us and it's not like i'm gonna run to the stage screaming or anythin!! shesh. i wasnt gonna bother them, i just wanna watch. i basically told him how there's only two ppl, and if he could let us in. and he goes, "no" and mentioned how something about there are rules to follow and that's why they made rules or crap like that. and joked how we can stay here and wait for the doors to open at 7 if we want. and you know what? we did just that! hah that shows you. john went back to the car to get a book to study for his test today and we just sat in front of the venue... and waited. i wanted that asshole to feel bad hah lol

i actually saw gavin, the opener, walked passed us... but i didnt know who he was LOL he just went up to us and introduced himself. and i'm like "hey!! you're the opener!!" and i pointed at the poster. and he's like "yeah" he was actually very nice. i asked him if he could get us in and he said, "maybe later" lol i hate it when ppl lie just to be nice. but you know what, it's nice to just sit there and listen to them play, even if i dont see them. i can feel the vibration on the wall =)

after the music stopped i knew it was over... but they didnt walk out of the front door of course... so... i decided to walk around and look for them since we dont have anything better to do. i remember seeing tour buses in an alley while we drove passed the venue earlier, so we went there. but i didnt see anyone. i sorta wanna go knock on the bus but i chickened out and ended up somewhere in a post office hahahahahah hey it's all good right lol

my second time around was somewhat better. i actually walked towards the bus and guess who i saw? mickey! on the phone!! surprise!! lol he's always on the phone. i didnt wanna bothered him because he's on the phone, and he seemed he didnt wanna be bothered either. so i called heather, i need one more encouragement other than john's. and she told me to go knock on the door bus with her on the phone LOL. so i tried knocking on the tour bus but no one answered =( either i was being ignored or the bus was empty. so when i started to leave, i just went near mickey and dropped off his gift, a scarf. he looked at me and i told him, "it's for you," and he said, "aww thanks that's sweet of you," and i just left. of course, i had to turn around while i walked away just to look and i saw him holding the scarf, trying to take the tag off while talking on the phone. heheh and then before you know it, he's putting it on!! and i'm like OMG! i need a pic of that! so i walked back and said, "you like it? isnt it kinda hot for it?" and he said, "yeah but i'm just testing it out" and winked at me hahaha that's so nice of him. so i asked for a picture (which i will upload later) and he put down his phone and we took a picture. keep in mind i was on the phone with heather at the time too hahahah so it was kinda funny.

so as the day got longer, it was still just john and i ... and we were pretty much there molding lol and i saw a security guard that was nice to us earlier and i asked him about the will call. and he said, "oh do you wanna pick your tickets up now?" and i'm like, "sure" but he didnt recognized the postcard that S.I.N gave me. so he took my postcard and went inside the venue and i followed. and while he was talking to this other guy about it, the asshole security guard came up to us and go, "do you wanna be at the concert tonight??" and i said, "wtf?!?! i'm asking about the will call. i was BROUGHT into here, i didnt jsut come in." and then the asshole heard the other guys talked about the will call and i said, "you know what, we'll just wait for you guys OUTSIDE." the funny thing about all this is that when he kicked us out the first time, a min or two later, he went out of the venue to get something in his car. and his truck was right in front of john and i. and john's like "ohhh that's his car" and i looked at him and laughed hahahaha we were just talking about all the things we could do to his car. so when he was being an ass to us the second time, john said, "strike two..." and like about five mins later, the asshole went out of the venue and drove his car away hahahah i think he got scared that we'll do somethign to his car. FUCKING asshole man.

but yeah i met up with tisha, saw itzia and we all went in. got front row. it was awesome. something embarrassing tho. i was walking around RIGHT before the concert was about to start and i saw this guy... and the whole day when i see ppl around the venue, i like to ask them "so who are you with" just curious you know. and so i did the same to this one guy that was walking towards the stage and he goes, "Marc Broussard" the first opener. and i said, 'cool' and when i went out to the stage again. the first band, Marc Broussard, came out and the guy i just talked to was the lead singer!! i was sooo embarassed!!! lol

i gotta say gavin degraw looked so buzzed while he played hahahaha you gotta see him. either he drank a few or smoked a few LOL we were so close to them and the stage wasnt that high either. so close that tisha, who was standing in front of the mic, said "he [gavin] spit on me!" ahahahah and i told her, "it's ok, you'll be really close to adam!" and she goes, "so he can spit on me too" LoL

the concert was indeed awesome as always. they always get better and better everytime i see them. and while adam was singing and he came near me, i lift my hand towards him and gave him his gift, the armband, and he wore it on the spot and gave me thumbs up =) and then later, i signaled jesse with the hat and pointed to the hat and to him and he nodded. and about 5 mins afterwards, when they finished singing a song and was talking to the audience, i threw jesse the hat and he caught it and wore it backwards. (i also have pics of those hehe) i started to get ppl i dunno telling me that the hat fits him perfectly. ahahah and it does =) and adam thanked the ppl, or me i guess, for the gifts and told jesse, 'i'll switch with you.' and jesse threw the hat at him... but for some reason, adam threw it back and it landed on the floor =( and jesse didnt pick it up until they left the stage. sigh. oh wells. during the concert, i took out the socks and when james looked at me, i pointed at the socks, he looked at the socks and laughed hahaha i had this girl next to me go, "what is it about the socks? is it an inside joke?" and i told her how he just asked for it.

so after the concert, we all went to the dressing room hoping to get in. there were already some girls there waiting. john went to go dance lol "i'll meet up with you at eight!" hahaha and tisha, her two friends and i just waited. i saw this guy that was wearing a maroon5 shirt and it looked like he was in charge or something. he was actually talkign to this woman that i think might've been in charge of something m5 related also? and he was with a few fans. so i asked him, "is there a meet and greet for the streetteam?" even tho i'm not on the team, i did hear about it haha and he goes, "are you on the meet and greet list?" and i didnt say anything. and he asked me, "how many ppl do you have with you?" and i told him, "four" and he said, "ok, i can do four. just wait here" YEAH! lol

we saw him walked into the dressing room with the woman, and he opened the door and told the security guard something and the guard said, "which ones?" and the guy said, "i recognize them." and i went up to him and he goes something like, "i know you" or "that's you!" or something had me walk in. i was THE first to go into the room hehe followed by tisha and her two friends. and i went straight to the back of the room... you know, to make room, and jesse was there with ryan. :D i talked to jesse a bit and asked him where they went after the golden gate park show and he said they went straight to the airport to fly back home. hahah i think jesse's scared of me or something because when we stopped talking he seemed uneasy and moved away to talk to other fans.

ryan was right next to him (before he moved) so i talked to him about his birthday... and then i mentioned if it's ok that after everyone leaves, i can take a group pic with them because i always had individuals but never a group pic. and he goes, "oh yeah, that's right. that sounds good" :D and while we talked something hit me! OH YEAH! i gotta go call sabrina. so i did that. and i told him how i have a friend that adores him and wanna talk to him. he seemed kinda shy and embarrassed about that. and i called sabrina and said, "hey! there's someone here i think you wanan talk to!" and i handed the phone to ryan hahahah i think sabrina died and came back to life. they talked for a while and i heard him go, "i'm ryan" MY GOD SABRINA, I WOULD THINK YOU'LL KNOW!! lol but her phone was breaking up (i thought it was mine) so they hung up =\ but i'm sure that made her day hahah

and then i called heather and i went up to jesse and waited for him to stop talking to the fans and i said to heather, "there's someone here you would like to talk to." and i handed the phone to jesse and told him, "it's heather. you know, the ducks" and he picked up the phone, he seemed scared to touch it or something! lol and talked to her a bit. and i heard him go, "it's jesse" LOL what is up with you ppl!! cant even recognized your fav band member voices on the phone hahah and they talked a little and stuff.

in the end, the same guy that got us in said that he had to start kicking us out. and that he'll help us take group pics with the guys. ONE BY ONE!!! and whoever is done taking that group pic has to leave the room. tisha and i wanted to be last heheheheh. and so we were the last ones. I GOT A GROUP PIC WITH THE GUYS!!! YOU DUNNO HOW HARD IT IS TO DO THAT.

and when we left we said our thank you's and once the door opened i saw more girls, waiting. i dunno why but they were all blondes LOL wtf. and then i saw one who isnt blonde, danielle hehehe and we talked a little and they were all hoping to get in. and while we waited, this woman came up to me and go, "we were watching you from the top! you are so into it!! you're great!!" and i'm like "Uhm, thanks!" and i asked her if she's related to any of the guys, and she goes, "oh no" LOL wtf

but yeah, the same guy that got us in came out of the room and said that they can either stay there or leave because the guys wont come out and he cant let them in. and right after he said that, tisha and i passed him and said "thank you" and i heard a girl go, "why do they get to go in then?!" heheheh too bad for you.

so while i was in the car, heather called me. apparently i woke her up when i called her but she didnt care haha. the first thing she said to me was, "i love you" =P heheh and we talked a little about what i did. i told her i got a group pic and she's like "you lucky butt" see you in HOB! oh yeah, funny thing, i think because i have my picture on the forum, everyone recognized me from the boards! lol

this totally made up for sunday LoL YESTERDAY WAS THE BEST

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