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for a while now i've always wanted to write an email to a certain someone and tell him/her how i feel about a situation. just to say that yes i do care even if it doesnt seem like it. yes i am wondering why you're doing that to yourself. sometimes i figured maybe i can just post it on lj, as vaguely as i can... just to let him/her know, "this is how i feel... you might not know i'm talking to you, but at least i got it out and maybe you'll read it."

many times i've wrote it, be it email or lj. and then i would save it for later and edit it over and over again. trying my best not to sound too intrusive or demanding or whatever. nothing to jeopardize our friendship or/and have it back fire at me when all i wanna do is care. but every time, i've decided not to post it or send it out... i figured who am i to say anything? if he/she is already doing it, obviously he/she doesnt care. so why should i?

how do you care for someone who doesnt even care about him/herself?
you dont.
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