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break up year???

remember last year i kept saying how SOOO many ppl are hooking up? last year ppl who havent been in a relationship in a while were finding someone... esp. during the last half of the year, which was way cool. i'm not complaining. i was one of them.

this year i'm finding out a lot of break ups are happening.... and it's only the beginning of march... i'm having ppl tell me that they broke up with their SO whom they been with for YEARS. i'm talking years as in 5+ not like 2 years.


- ppl who arent in relationship for a while, hook up
- friends in closer circle are the ones hooking up
- happened near the end of the year

- ppl who have been in relationship for a long time, break up
- friends in further circle are the ones breaking up
- happened near the beginning of the year

i know life is on some kind of continuum/balance. but wow ok. this is like two extremes.
i just hope it doesnt come too close *knock on wood*
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