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driving a stick

i forgot to mention yesterday after the concert, john had a death wish. he said he'll teach me how to drive stick. he drives a stick. actually he said that i can drive home and i said, 'are you suicidal?!' he convinced me that driving stick really isnt that hard. so we drove around modesto and found an empty parking lot. how original huh lol and he taught me how. IT'S SO FUN hehehe i know how to drive stick now! yay! well... a little LoL enough to get around without having it jerk back and forth and having the engine die on me hahahah yay me! so yeah, he said we'll have lesson two some other time hahahah he decided it's better if i dont drive home hahahah good thinking, john!! =) thanks for trying!

oh yeah so right now i am breaking from my packing. i came across some old papers i wrote and kept with me. guess what? i have some of carlos' eng 114 papers hahaha his last min papers haha i found some notes i wrote in class and stuff too. wow. man some of these things are so old.

ah the memories. oh yeah, after the trip, it's time for a new layout and new icons hahaha



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