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rainy days. vancouver? daylight. drama

have you ever taken driver's ed... where they show you a video of all the possiblies of things jumping out on the streets... at the most random time and places and it's just soooo OUT THERE?

well that's what happened to me the other day. and the top it off, it was raining. i had at least three times where ppl jaywalked just 10 ft away from me... when it was dark... and raining... and they are wearing dark colors... not only that, but they are big streets, like 4 lanes. i even had one where it just turned green for me, 4 lanes... and we're all starting out our cars and then two ppl just ran across the street... it's red for them! uhm..... granted it's an one-way street so they had some time beforehand but come on...

and then i had encounter a few very careless drivers. for example a car was double parked on the street... and like all double parked cards, and considering how big of a lane it was, i drove passed it... but while i drove pass it... the car decided to drive again and cut into the middle of the lane. ALMOST hitting me.

you would think ppl are more careful when it's raining... or are all the suicidal ones come out when it rains?

anyway, they said it rained 25 days in march in sf. be careful ppl whether you drive or cross the streets


i called cingular just before i left for vancouver... wondering if my plan covers vancouver or not... to my surprised the rep asked me, "where is vancouver?" o__________O why dont you ask me where orlando is while you're at it...

oh speaking of, vancouver went fine :) i'm glad to see friends i havent seen in half a decade. and as always i get the "you still look the same!" line. yes i know i know i've looked he same since i was 3 lol.

i like all their pretty and colorful money :D you know i'm a tourist when i look at the money really closely every time i pay lol


this whole daylight savings thing is not working out for me. because at night, i'll sleep a little later since i'm not used to the times... 3 AM is actually 2 AM so i'm still wide awake... and comes 8 AM and i cant even ROLL myself out of bed because it's really 7 AM. sigh.

and i was just telling my coworker how i like it better because i get more light time.


oh and drama drama drama all around meeeee~! with friends, at work. i should start on that novel i've talked about with my editor (heather) hahaha

and i've been watching many soaps :P


hi eric :) ♥

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