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and now for something totally random

i need to go to the bathroom.
maroon5 in a few hours.
road trip!! whoo!!!
JESSE wore my pac man arm band! yay!!!
i need some sleep.
i hope joy can drive.
i wonder what car we're getting.
i wonder what i got on my paper.
i dont wanna work.
i think we're gonna be late for class.
"i dont feel like going to class," said nick after i looked at the clock.
OH YEAH, class canceled for plsi~~!! :D whoo hoo!
better leave.
still need to go to the bathroom.
matrix?? reloaded? revelation?
or revolution?
no i am not copying jesse LOL
"i love you... you are perfect"
i still better go.
i'm such a pro... castinator
i wish there was a random mood face thingy
damn i might be late to meet up with them
why does my mom always do that?!?!
i'm so mad that i didnt record "wasted years"
wow, you're on friendster too?
everyone is on friendster.
i love my new m5 t-shirt!! thanks john!
OK nick, let's go

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