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i dont update for a while and i come back with three updates in a day :P go figure!

so i went to watch "inside man" with eric last monday (good movie btw). and i saw the da vinci code trailer for like the 5th time... and i decided to finally start reading the book before the movie comes out. now if you dunno, i like collecting books. esp. if ppl tell me they're good... i just buy them... but almost never ever read them...

anyway i'm reading it now and i'm half way done :P yes i know, i am slow. i was working in vancouver ok!

my coworker was telling me there is a special edition of the book with pictures :O

i had to get it.

so i did lol
i cant wait to get it!
it's so much easier than googling those paintings lol

yes i know i am way behind. i always am. lol be it with anime, tv hit series or whatever popular :P i say give me one yr min lol


Apr. 4th, 2006 12:24 am (UTC)
Hmm...Da Vinci code with pictures, huh? That is a better idea than googling the paintings, which is what I did too. :P I've been waiting for it to come out in paperback, to match the rest of my Dan Brown books, but I guess that's never happening...might as well get one with pictures! hehe
Apr. 4th, 2006 12:29 am (UTC)
actually paperback came out! i saw it in the stories the other day.

the illistrated one is only in hardback (currently) :P
who knows... they might change it to... paperback teehee
Apr. 4th, 2006 02:02 am (UTC)
Hey, you're right! But I wonder what the diff is between paperback and mass market paperback.

Damn, now I'm conflicted, lol Do I want pretty pictures?? Do I want to wait to see if they'll add pretty pictures to the paperback version?? AHH! haha, don't mind me...just talking to myself in your journal... :P


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