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me: hahaha well i've been more klutzy before. i rolled down the stairs once when i was like 1 or 2 at like macys
me: but good thing this guy caught me half way.
me: i like to explore
him: yes, when are you 1 to 2 yrs old, you like to explore down the stairs by rolling down it
me: haha no i was exploring and i fell down the stairs! leave me alone :(


jen: OMG
jen: OMG!!!!!!!
me: ??
me: what happened?
jen: i had to fill out this form! and it asked for age
jen: and the option was 25-34!!!!!!
jen: GRRR
jen: i can't believe i fall under that category now!
jen: :*(

it's ok, jen, you're young at heart :)
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