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working at fan asylum made me realized that once it comes to being a customer, being the asshole/bitch/complaining one always seem to be more beneficial. for example, tickets get sold out. so we were told to keep telling fans that tickets are sold out... BUT if anyone gives you a hard time, then tell them you would put them on a wait list and will contact them if any duplicate orders were to come up.

so while i was doing that, i realized that not only am i not rewarding ppl for not screaming at me for something i didnt do but in return i am rewarding ppl who ARE screaming at me for somethign i didnt do. what is up with that?

same goes for our travel packages, they are non-refundable. so when someone wants to cancel, that's what i always tell them. and if they were to give me a hard time, then i'll "talk" to my manager about it and then i would be "informed" that i can "refund them less a cancellation fee"... whereas the ones who are nice, the ones who actually make an effort to see if they can make it... i dont offer them that at all.

i know life is unfair, but it's still so sad to me. sometimes i wanna scream back to the ones screaming at me and say "you know i dont understand why you are screaming at a person who can help you with this situation. if you just asked nicely, i would've gladly help you but since you didnt, FUCK YOU" and to the ones who are nice "ok, let me see what i can do for you." and altho i am fully aware i can do that for the nice ones currently... if i do that to everyone that cancels... i'm not sure how happy my boss would be.

maybe i should just put the phone down when someone screams at me about tickets being sold out... and eventually hang up on them as if connect got cut off hahahahah or just firmly kept telling them tickets are sold out. and only put the ones who asked nicely if there is a wait list to put them on the wait list.

maybe i should just follow the whole "if you just ask nicely, i will help you out" thingamajig

i know for one thing tho. when i have kids and they ask me for a toy, i would ask them to give me reasons why they want it other than the reason that "they want it." and if they cry about it when i dont give it to them, i will just tell them "i wont even consider getting it for you now that you are crying" my kids will not be cry babies who get what they want once they cry. i will not tolerate that.

hahahahah i am so lame.
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