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time flies

in about an hour and a half, it will be may. and here comes the famous question, "where did the time go?" i remember my dad asking a friend of his to start planning their christmas party for this year. and i remember the friend going, "what? already? it's just april." but then i said to him, "yeah, but when you think about it... it's already april."

i can still remember new years eve like it was yesterday. that's pretty funny given how i have the worse memory. but i guess because new years eve was fun and memorable ;]

well... may... yeah that's like... almost half the year... what have i been doing? but more importantly, what have YOU been doing?? are you where you saw yourself to be half a year ago?!?! did you fulfill any of those new years resolutions you've made?!?!?!

i'm just being silly. dont mind me. i can tell you that i didnt even bother to make any new years resolutions because i knew i wont be able to fulfill any of them. i mean i've been saying i need to go to the gym for like a year now. i'm sure you would agree. i told everyone haha

alright enough ramblings (is that even a word?! well... spell check said no errors, so i guess so :)... i am gonna go to bed and evaluate what i did the past five months and what i need to do to get to where i want to be in a month...

HAH! yeah right. :]

dude, it just hit me i have to work tomorrow. :[

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