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i think everyone, more or less, are pyros. basically, they like to mess with fire. they know it's bad for you or is unhealthy, whether it's mental or physical, yet they continue to do so... simply because more or less, everyone likes a little bit of fire. some might even like to get burned. for example, smoking or doing drugs. everyone knows that's bad for you. but some continue to do it anyway or tries it out of curiousity. of course there's factors such as it's addictive and what not... but that's a whole another issue lol what i'm trying to say is, maybe ppl just like to be addicted to things that causes fire. they might even like the pain it causes.

and likewise, in the mental sense, ppl just like to mess with things they know upsets them or hurts them... but they continue to do so. such as that lady who is in a relationship with a guy she knows doesnt treat her right. such as when someone flames you on a message board or lj community and you cant help but to go back and see what that particular person said to your responce... even tho you know it's gonna be hurtful and will most likely upset you... and then flame them back lol

i even believe gossip is a form of fire. we all know everyone likes gossip. and it definitely spreads like fire. like shit talking. most of the time when someone is upset and shit talks about that person they are upset about... they just get even more upset while they complain and bitch. but they continue to do so anyway. possibly to a number of ppl. repeating themselves over and over again. and then gets upset every single time they talk about it

that's just how ppl are.

deep down, they know in order to stop being upset: you avoid it, stop talking about it and move on. but ppl dont avoid it when they know they could and doesnt stop talking about it when it upsets them.. because i think to some extend, some ppl like to be upset. like getting burn.

of course some have more self control that others. some like to play with fire less. and of course, venting is always good. i'm not saying it's bad. and after a while when it hurts too much, most ppl tend let go and dont play with that particular fire... but from what i noticed, everybody is a pyro on some level. maybe to some ppl, it's what keeps them going.

editor's note: dont get me wrong, i am not saying i am not a pyro and everyone else is. i also believe to some extend, i am a pryo too. must learn to avoid. lol. this is just something i noticed. it does not apply to anyone in particular but in general. most examples i used are in reflection of myself.
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