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random tuesday

him: you and your
him: i dont know what to call it



i had the silliest conversation with my brother the other day

bro: baba said he'll disown me if i buy a motorcycle, do you really think he'll really do it?
me: uh... i dunno if you wanna challenge him like that...
bro: but i am his only son! the only one who can carry down his name! he wont disown me
me: i think he can disown you and you can still carry down the name
bro: then i'll change it to Bryant instead!


i dunno if you noticed? but my route to work...
i always pass by this ad of the da vinci code...
and i noticed it changed!
same place, same movie, different ad.
what's the point? lol
did you noticed it elsewhere too?

but you know, i am so psyched about the da vinci code.

one) because the book was good
i wanna see how accurate they will film this movie to the book
two) because i like audrey tautou
i think audrey is my second favorite actress to watch :]


check out these pictures.

i dunno what's up but i was playing with kobe and all of a sudden, he just sat there and stared at me with a smile (that's the first picture). and i'm thinking 'boy this could be a really good picture!' so i asked him to stay while i went to get my camera, which surprisingly he did! and i took a picture of him. and he was so good i gave him a treat! and then from then on, he would sit, stare at my camera and smile when i point my camera at him... i guess expecting a treat lol it has never been so easy to get good pics of kobe LOL

i turned kobe to a camera whore! :O
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