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m5 recap

since i am here, i guess i should update. right now i'm in the computer lab... surfing the net... it's like... i've been smoking for 10 years and i stopped for a week... so now i'm taking a smoke... it's such a weird feeling hehe (exageration)

so let me tell you some highlights of the LA trip before it gets too old to talk about
-OH.MY.GOD. Gavin DeGraw is ONE FUCKING CUTE DORK. "i think i like you" hehe
-JAMBA JUICE with ryan bwhahah "i dunno, songs about kelly?" LOL
-Butte City (Pop. 250) saved our lives lol
-homeless jesse
-"o" inimitating homeless jesse
-seeing joslyn get everything! lol
-shout out from adam!! whoo!
-"hey mickey you're so fine"...
-guitar pick from james!!! :D
-nice host: kevin =)
-"listen to fela kuti"
-Nicknames! lol

cant remember lol. LA was too fun. better get to class now.

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