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i officially hate going to the dentist...
and i have to go again another two times :(
normally to me, i'm pretty indifferent about going
but not after today
i kept thinking as i laid there, "man lady, my lips dont bend that way" ouch
i mean my dentist is nice and all but that assistant sucked
i hope i get a different one next time

and i swear that ppl are taking a movie and a novel too seriously.
it's a movie, not a documentry
it's a novel, not a biography
i mean... can you really call a FICTIONAL book a hoax?
if ppl wanna watch the movie, who are you to say to not watch it?
if ppl chooses to believe in a fictional book, why not let them be stupid?

you know something is wrong when you take out your work key to open your house front door.

dont mind me, i'm just cranky because for the pass hour, i had to feel metal against my teeth...
and let's just say this is exactly how nails to a chalkboard would feel...
if chalkboards felt anything

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