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latest update: mrs. lau

hi, i just got a call for a mrs. lau. so i have an aunt with the last name lau. who doesnt speak english well... and so i assumed she gave out my number to help her out. so i answered "yes"

and then she said "i am calling about your daughter named shelly" and i'm thinking, shelly? i have a cousin named shirley altho it's a different aunt lol so i asked, "shelly? you mean shirley?" and she said, "no, shelly the kindergardener" "OH, you got the wrong number"

so i just admit to being mrs. lau with a kindergardener named shelly.

just wanted to let you know.

no wise jokes about who's mr. lau! lol :X
yes, you guys guessed it. it's andy lau. LOL!

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