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cryptex. random pics

as my sister would say "holy cryptex" batman! hehehe

so i'm not sure if you guys know but google was sponsoring this da vinci code quest on google thing. so i logged on to play. it's pretty cool. they had these puzzles relating to da vinci code every day for you for 24 days. and you can finish it whatever order you want as long as you are the first 10,000 winners to finish it by a certain date and time.

if you are the first 10,000 winners, you get a cryptex with a website in it. that website would lead you to another puzzle... i forgot how many of them but you have to finish them as fast as you can. it will be available for 48 hours. you can start anytime you want within those 48 hours but you have to finish it fast. fastest person gets grand prize.

heck i'm just happy i got the cryptex! whee~! i'm such a nerd.
i'm just a TEENY bit disappointed that there isnt that whole vinegar thing going on for it!
i mean i was hoping it was at least plastic and not glass with water...
but nope

oh and i'm not sure if i'm gonna try out for the grand prize tho :P
too much pressure!


went to eat sushi with my sister
and saw "broccoli nigiri"
i thought... no way... it cant be...
the broccoli on top of rice?!?!
i know nigiri means on top of rice
but they must be MORE creative...
but i was wrong.


teehee :]


ok i swear this is the last one of the day lol

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