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weekend recap

well my weekend was pretty eventful. by far the busiest one i have this year so far... when i'm in town.

friday, supposedly, i've witness the 2nd worse baseball game: 1 - 0 "with nothing going on". the worse game would be 0 - 0 with nothing going on. or so i was told by kevin. we had this loud mouth A's fan sitting near us who would talk shit to his giant's fan friend. we also had a little giants fan (boy), i would say no more than 10 years old, sitting in front of him. and while the loud mouth was talking shit to his friend, the little boy turned around and started to talk back to him. it was so funny. LoL all the giants fan around him was like "yeah! you tell him!"

saturday i had to wake up hella early to go to DMV with my aunts to renew their IDs. hi, i am now their official translator. afterward it was shopping. i managed to find a kick ass outfit :) then we went to watch the da vinci code! i am a little disappointed in the movie. this is what happens when you expected a lot. and i dislike how they changed it in the end. but i guess what can they do to fit a book in two hours? they already pushed it half an hour more haha

sunday, i had yet again to wake up early to attend a funeral. all i have to say is that does some ppl have NO respect? there were these old ladies who not only was dressed inappropriately but was also chatting it up throughout the whole funeral. yes, the WHOLE time. they were LOUD and LAUGHING. W.T.F. it became so bad, someone stood up to tell them off. i'm sure they werent relatives because they didnt have that black line around their arms. i actually suspected they might be funeral crashers for the free lunch! because later i see them at the lunch, telling stories and to get ppl to laugh. sigh. i was just thinking to myself, if i wasnt a friend and i was family, i would've told them to leave.

afterward, before i could rest much, i had to help my dad move. yeah! upper body strength! that was a work out! but i really like the new place. in the back room they had this pretty huge walk in closet. but it's huge not as in big but as in LONG. my sister was telling me how before we put in carpet, there was this door on the floor... but the carpet installers told us that they were too scared to open it and just sealed it up o____O "dead body forever lost..." doom doom doom!

later my parents and friends who helped us moved had dinner and they kept talking and talking that i had to call my bro to pick me up. bowling was fun. so we lost to lunch. it's ok, at least we got sundae and dinner! bWHAHAHahahahahAHha~!

right now i just wish there was a day i didnt have to wake up before 9 -___________- zZzzZzzZz

edited: all the moving yesterday made my arms and legs sore lol
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