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i dream in color

i had a dream last night about YOU. LOL jk. actually it went like this. my parents is gonna go receive this award... not sure what it was... and yeah, the whole family was there and we were all sitting down. we get to sit in this special family area :D so anyways, as everyone started to get ready and sit down, i looked around and i realized there are a lot of famous chinese ppl! yes, you can see where this is going right lol

so i looked at the rows next to me and i saw Andy! i even remember asking my cousin, "is that andy?" so i started to walk up to him and as i did that, i went through my pockets, looking for anything i can get his autograph on. but just as i went up to him, he started to get up to leave. but i stopped him anyways and said, 'can i get your autograph?' he was nice enough to stop and give me one :D .now with me, i'm a good friend you see heheh and if i bumped into or met someone famous that i know a friend liked a lot, i would always like to call them so they can talk to them... like what i did with m5. so i asked andy, 'i know you're in a hurry but do you have time to say hi to my friend over the phone? she is your biggest fan! she cant speak chinese but she can sing all your songs!" HAHA guess who i'm talking about?

but anyways, he just kinda left after i asked him... and i thought, that's not too nice... =\ but then a few mins later, he came back and said, "ok, so let's do it" or something like that. so i called heather's cell and gave my phone to him and he asked me what was my friend's name and i told him. i heard him go, "can i speak to heather?" (i really dont remember if he spoke to me in chinese or english lol) and then he hung up. apparently a guy told him that she wasnt around. and i'm thinking, "her brother? of all days, she have to leave her cell home!" so i figured, even if she couldnt talk to him, she could at least get a voicemail from him. so i called her back and her voicemail picked up, it was a song (which is weird because we all know heather's voicemail isnt a song loL), and i handed the phone to him and asked him to just leave a message. but after 2 min, he told me that the song is never gonna end and hung up. that sucks lol yeah, heather, dont ever have long voicemails ok? LOL

and so i thought, "well ok, i'll just get him to do my voicemail so she could hear him on my voicemail." and so i asked him and he said, "sure, but you gotta do mine too." YEAH i know it's weird, but it's my dream ok LOL i think i remember telling him that i'll pretend to be him by saying, "hi, this is 'wah jai,' sorry i cant take your call right now...." it would be funny. i dunno why but i remember the whole time i kept calling him "duck wah"... i think it's because of Fat Choi Spirit. hehe but yeah we ended up as friends

so later he left and my whole setting kinda changes and i see heather. so i told her how i had a dream about Andy and she said, "you're still in that dream!" and like before you know it, we bumped into andy. but yeah... anyways, andy wanted to go hang with us and not do that award thingy. so the rest of the dream consisted of us trying to sneak Andy out of the building so we can all go chill! lol but the whole time we got security guards trying to stop us... hehe it's just a lot of running around... with Andy =P

yes i know you envy me LOL

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