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thanks to heather who woke me in the middle of my sleep to tell me about andy lau.... last night i had a dream about him. boy, he was really good looking in my dream lol *fans myself* hahaha thanks heather! you should do that more often.

and i am still missing my andy lau icon :P

speaking of andy lau, i cant believe that was half a year ago. once again, where did the time go? this year was awfully fast, dont you think? i guess time just goes by faster the older you get.

yesterday heather told me how one of her hs friends got engaged. and i was thinking, wow! so young! but then i realized we are REALLY near that age... you know... when your friends all start to get engaged o___O


i wonder how many weddings it'll take me before i dont think it's anything out of the ordinary anymore lol
Tags: dreams

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