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elliot - guest post

Hey everybody, I'm glad Eli let me post as a guest on her beloved LJ. My name is Elliot, and my nickname is also Eli although I think it might be pronounced differently from Eli's.. Mine is E-LAI. How about yours, Eli? Yours is El E, right? I technically haven't met Eli face to face yet; we've been communicating on AIM. Anyway, I was born in China, raised in Reno, and recently moved out here to the Bay. I love it here. I'm new to the area, but was fortunate to get to know nice people like Eli, and I'm looking forward to meeting new folks. So if you are looking to make a friend, don't be afraid to holla at me. I'm currently single and enjoy this status, so I'm only looking to meet new friends. I moved out here because there are more modeling opportunities here. I had some gigs back in Reno, but come on, it's Reno.. not the most glamorous place. Sorry, Reno residents. There are more modeling gigs in L.A., but I like it here, so I think I'll stick around.

My hobbies include playing and watching basketball, baseball, football, soccer.. actually, I'll play almost any sport. I enjoy watching movies, reading books, snacking on peanuts, eating ramen, and web design.

Anyway, I know that words can only do so much and with the way everything is on the net, a picture speaks a thousand words.. so here is my picture...

Picture 1: Here is a recent headshot I sent off to modeling agencies. I think my left is my better side.

Picture 2: My current hairstyle.

Picture 3: Me.


so i dunno what's going on with jen but she's in love with her new toy she won in reno. she named him elliot and insisted that he gets a guest post on my journal LOL i think she wrote the guest post like an ad. like yeah, if you know any female stuffed elephant toys you can introduce to elliot, let me know haha


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Jun. 1st, 2006 11:10 pm (UTC)
Hey.. I said I'm only looking for friends right now. I don't want to do the dating thing, but I'm down to meet some new ladies.

Jun. 1st, 2006 11:11 pm (UTC)
now i just think you need help. split personalities yo~ lol
Jun. 1st, 2006 11:12 pm (UTC)
Uh huh.. More like Eli1 and Eli2. :D
Jun. 1st, 2006 11:14 pm (UTC)
aahaha dont make me bust out with my doggie and my care bear wanna be lol!
Jun. 2nd, 2006 02:21 am (UTC)
Take a bath, hippie!
Jun. 3rd, 2006 08:22 pm (UTC)
What a cute elephant!
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