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weekend update

- tennis with kevin and nicky made my arm shake for days. i couldnt even hold food correctly haha but it was fun. heather, you should've been there!

- it's been two days since i've eaten shabu shabu and i still feel like i'm bloated. it's not a good feeling!!!!! i gotta stop stuffing myself. :'(

- i dunno what was up with GREG but HE ordered so much alcohol, it's almost like we were celebrating someone's birthday when we're not: 4 soju's, 2 pitchers of beer and 2 wine like drinks... and this is only for 4 ppl. so is this how it was on a regular outing "back in the high times"? didnt think we should've done that when we all had arrangements the next morning/afternoon. hahah but it was fun. i'm scared to even imagine what will happen for greg's birthday o___O they kept talking about it. doom doom doom. watch out, greg.

- i have nice coworkers. management didnt want to make a big scene out of our meet and greet so they were only allowing one staff to go in for the group photo. the person with the best camera was chosen for that task... but she knows it means a lot to me if i did it so she said it was ok for me to go in her place using her camera :D yay

- i havent seen the guys in so long. i went in there trying to be as professional as i could and hide my excitement and joy. i love how they always say "hi" to you when they see you. and even when it ended, i remained professional and said my goodbyes and were about to go... but shawn was like "dont you want to say something to them?" and i'm like "i should at least hug you guys" and one of them (forgot who... i think it was adam?) was like "you should" and we did, all of them. :D

- ryan seemed reluctant to talk to the fans. i have a good idea why and i understand but he really doesnt have to be... we'll still love him no matter what.

- shawn always talk to you as if you see him everyday.

- wtf. why are majority of m5's friends good looking?

- i was so happy to see heather and jos!!! seeing them made me realized i missed them so. O!!!!!!! you're left!! jos' dress was so pretty and cute :P you suck, i saw jesse give you a look hahah oh well, it's ok, you can keep him. i'm sorry i couldnt hang out with you guys as much as i wanted to. i dont think it'll look good since i was supposed to be working

- thanks to shabu shabu i was not hungry at all during the bbq. i couldnt eat any of the FREE FOOD!!!!!!! all i had was churros and cotton candy. sigh.

- flight was delayed for a few hours... so i got home around 1 ish. the time that we departed from LAX was supposed to be the time we land in SFO. great. normally i wouldnt have a problem staying up till 1 am, but the fact i slept at like 3 the night before and had to wake up early for a flight... really didnt help at all.

- baby steps. one step at a time.
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