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fate (a1200)

so i put my motorola a1200 up for auction on ebay. i really like it but i figured that by the time i go to hk, i would buy another phone. i mean i gotta! hhaha and by then, i wont be able to sell my phone for a decent price. so without thinking too much into it (because we all know if i do, i'll change my mind), i put it up for auction... and went back to my treo. my treo's so beat up, i wont be able to sell it for a good price... so it is now my back-up phone.

but ever since i started using my treo, i started to regret. damn i really like the a1200. but it's ok, because the phone's going up to $300+ and if anything i can buy it again for a cheaper price in hk by christmas.

i guess it's fate... in the auction i joked how i'm selling the phone even tho i love it because i figured if you love something, let it go, if it never came back, it was never yours....

and after auction ends... the buyer decided he doesnt want it. HAH


i guess it was meant to be :]

p.s. hi eric :P

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