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bible lessons

thought this was funny... this friend chooses to remain "anonymous" and wants to be called "jamal" instead.
disclaimer: this is just a joke, dont take it offensively :P

jamal: you know the "stone the whore" story right
me: no
jamal: i teach you
jamal: i m feeling generous right now
me: hah
jamal: so jesus arrives to this 1 village and saw this woman surrounded by all these people
jamal: threatening to stone that bitch
me: OH
me: i remember this story
jamal: then jesus jumped in and said "yo, hold up Jews"
jamal: wtf y'all think you doing
jamal: and they said, about to stone this ho
jamal: so they wanted stone that whore because she was spreading STDs
me: now you're putting in your own stuff
jamal: who's telling the story here
jamal: you or me
me: fine fine
me: go ahead
jamal: ok
jamal: so jesus said, who here has never sinned before
jamal: if you can honestly say that you've never then cast the first stone
jamal: and they thought about it for a sec
jamal: and all hang their heads in shame and walked away
jamal: so the moral of the story is
jamal: thou shall not judge
jamal: unless you are jesus
jamal: the end
Tags: funny, quotes

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