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the other day i was telling my manager about a dream i had. in between conversations he told me how he heard that everybody in your dreams represent yourself in some way. basically, the person you are in your dream is how you see yourself, and the other ppl in your dreams could be how you are subconciously... something along the lines. and so i asked him, "what about i dream of ppl i know?" he explained how that doesnt make it an exception, they too would represent you in some way.

i thought about what he said and (if what he heard is true) realized that for the ppl we dream of whom we know for real... they probably signify a part of us because we probably have a part of them. i mean more or less, certain ppl you've encountered in your life have put an imprint of themselves in you. whether it's good or bad, a characteristic they carry or a habit they do or a phrase they always say... you pick up a little bit of them and made it a part of you.

basically, you are who you are because of who you meet in your life. such as if you hang around ppl who are always depressed, eventually you might get depressed too. if that's the case, if you want to be happy and good, then maybe hanging around happy and good ppl would turn you into a better person too. :)

likewise, being a happy and good person, maybe you'll change ppl for the better too? haha

think, speak, hear, do and see only good. :]
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