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ryan :'(


it's official.

ryan's no longer with the band

A Message from Ryan to the Maroon 5 Family:
"Due to the rigors of touring, I have sustained joint and nerve injuries that have made me unable to continue performing as a drummer in a touring rock band. I am therefore leaving Maroon 5 to pursue songwriting and producing on my own, a process I have already begun with much enthusiasm.

The split is amicable, and I have made my peace with this unfortunate reality, because I feel that I have a lot of music still to make. I worked in the creative process and production of the new M5 album with the title "Musical Director", and I hope to collaborate with the band again in the future. I am still close friends with the guys, including my replacement, Matt Flynn, to whom I wish good luck and much success.

I would also like to thank all of you who have supported me for many years, and I hope to create music for you in the near future. It's been an incredible twelve years since Adam, Jesse, Mickey and I started this band. Now I begin a new phase in my life, to which I look forward graciously.

Thank you, and I love you all."
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