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so every friday, lunch is on the company. somehow, i was voted to be in charge of ordering food for everyone.

recently my coworker and i found this japanese place near by that delivers. we tried it out and it was good and decent priced. so i decided that this friday we'll order from that place.

i'm passing the menu around and asking for orders when i came across a few coworkers who didnt know what to order because they dont eat japanese or never had before.

i dunno why i found that unbelievable. i mean i know that some ppl just dont like raw food or cold food... etc... but i still find it weird lol


also every friday, this guy always comes in near the end of the day. he vacuums the whole building once a week. being in charge of opening the front door, for some weird reason, it never hit me as "today is friday" until i open the door for him, "OH he's here! it's really friday!"

what is up with that lol i mean, even after ordering lunch for ppl and ate it... it still hasnt hit me that it's friday until i open the door for him.
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