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so the departed was over all good. i would give it a 7/10. but of course, i like the HK one better.

here's a few comments...

i have to admit i walked in there expecting it to be very similar. kinda dumb when i think about it considering how most, if not all, hollywood remade movies were never like the original. i mean i knew the things that happened in the movie will be different... but i expected the characters to be very similar.

eric read an article how they interviewed andy about the departed. he was saying how he didnt like how his character came out to be so evil. that's true. i remember in the HK version, he gave off the impression that he wanted to be good, he's tired of being bad. they really emphasized that in the infernal affair... that's why he killed off the gangster boss, so he could be rightous and doesnt have to do any more dirty deeds, RIGHT?!?!?!

correct me if i'm wrong but i got the impresson that matt damon killed off jack nicholson to make sure he doesnt get ratted out, not because he wanna be a cop and was tired of doing dirty work.

i was really disappointed that they replaced the morse code with text messaging... altho not as high tech as text messaging... i definitely thought it was cooler with the morse code... and i was more impressed. oh well.

the ending was weird. that's all i have to say about that.

andy said how hollywood paid them for one movie, he joked how they should've paid them for all three. and i have to admit, there were little bits and pieces of the other sequals that were in this one.

i also didnt like how there's only one girl instead of two. :\ i thought it was kinda weird... maybe it's not within their budget to get another girl hhaha jk i thought it was a nice balance that tony always had someone and andy's someone left him b/c of what he did... as opposed to leo had someone but didnt... and then he died! that's just sad.

and what happened to the letter? did she show it to mark wahlberg that's why he ended up killing matt damon?

the movie wasnt as dark as infernal affair tho. definitely had it's comedy relief. not sure if i like that better or not lol


my new phone was ordered today :D yay!
i should get it either by the end of this week
or the beginning of next


this is what jen had to say after i told her i was getting a new phone:

"i am seeing quite a few ppl with ur phone (a1200). time to move on. then u can get another one in hk"

she's so bad lol

anyway i'm gonna take the flap off so it'll look like THIS

i cant wait!


i totally finished all my 8 fruits basket mangas in two days.
i dunno what to do now!
so i'm re-reading it hahaha.
cant wait for book 15!
it comes out in dec.
i hope it comes out before i go to hk :T


i really should change my excited mood theme hahaha
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