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memento. vacation. hopeless. radio. id

on the first floor of our building, there is a couch. most of the time the lights are off in that area because no one really sits there. today i went downstairs, walked by it and saw one of my coworkers chilling there in the dark. i did what i needed to do, walked by it again to go back upstairs and was startled when i saw something moving on the couch in the corner of my eye.

then i remembered that i saw my coworker sitting there like 5 mins ago.
dude, i know i have a bad memory but that's bad. like memento (the movie) bad.

during our weekly meeting, manager mentioned how they advice everyone to take their vacation time by mid jan. also he will be checking everyone's vacation time to see how many days they have. later that day he came up to me and said "you have 6 left after your trip. you need to take more days off." it was kinda funny.

i wanna save the remaining 6 for next year so i can use it when maroon 5 goes on tour again lol but i was told i can only roll over 4 days. so i think i'm gonna use my other two days to have a weekday snowboarding trip haha. or maybe a three day weekend.

yay! are you ready?!?!?!


i got another nose bleed. haha the dry and hot weather usually helps with my nose bleed but i think eatin beef jerky guarantees it. last time i had a nose bleed i ate two of those small packages of beef jerky in a day... yesterday i had a pack, today i had a pack... so concludes my nose bleed for today lol

but i've been getting nose bleeds since i was young. it's not really a big deal for me, it's almost as common as getting a running nose for me.

eric's right, i'm pretty hopeless when it comes to snacks. i know i'll get a nose bleed if i eat beef jerky, but i do it anyway haha


after reading heather's entry about pandora.com (which i like btw, thanks heather!), i was reminded of the other streaming radio stations i used to listen to, such as itunes, yahoo/launch, and winamp. i dont like the itunes one very much so i hardly use that one. my main two are yahoo/launch for english songs and winamp for asian songs. but now that i have pandora, i might just use that for english songs instead of launch since i share the launch account :P

i found one chinese radio i like :) it's weird tho, winamp seems to always change their stations! so if i dont go on it for a while and come back, i cant find the one i used to listen to... hmmmm or maybe i just cant find it haha anyway if you're interested, it's called PA Radio - IM BACK. it mainly plays chinese songs... once in a while there's a japanese or korean song. it's good because there's no DJ, unlike the BIG B Radio. only bad thing about winamp is that you cant skip songs :P

anyway, if you like to listen to music at work, you should try pandora.com. you select a few artists or/and songs you like and they would play them along with other songs/artists in the same cateorgy. you can give the songs they pick for you a thumbs up or a thumbs down so they know what to play next time around. the only thing i dislike about that is it limits how many times you can skip a song in an hour. otherwise, so far so good :)


i lost my id again :| i guess when i was purchasing something i forgot to take it back? or it dropped out when i was taking something out? ah either way it's gone. guess what i did the same day i lost it? i went to DMV during lunch and got it replaced hahah

self note: it takes about 30 min for id replacements if you go during the afternoon on weekdays.
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