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shout outs

i am so bad... i guess better late than never right? :D

10/11 - Happy be-lated Birthday, Molly!
10/17 - Happy be-lated Birthday, Lydia!
10/20 - and i know they wont read this but here it is anyway,
Happy be-lated Birthday, Dad and Estella!

well at least i celebrated it with you guys right?!?! that's what counts right?! lol

my dad is so funny. for the longest time, we've celebrated his birthday on Oct 20. his ID states Oct 20. but he said that's from the chinese calendar. so techinically, in american calendar, it's sometime in Dec.

he was saying how celebrating it in Oct doesnt feel right because he knows it's wrong but celebrating it in Dec doesnt feel right either because he's never celebrated it in Dec. o___O

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