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ipod nano -> shuffle

heather (m5) was asking about ipods and that entry reminded me to update about my nano.

as you can tell
i broke it

"how?" i've been asked lol well... it's actually quite a funny story...

the case kevin got me for my birthday (altho stated is made for the nano) is a little big for it. (i still like it tho! thanks! :) so sometimes my nano would slip out of the case if you tug the headphones a little too hard. but that was never really a problem for me... except a week ago... i was waiting for the bus and when the bus was a block away... i wanted to put on my headphones. so i took out my nano and pulled the headphones... my nano slipped out of the case and fell onto the floor

right when the bus stopped in front of me, and while i am still holding the case, the bus rolled over it. (just one tire @ 5 mph or less :P)

i'm actually not that upset because my nano still plays, all the buttons work fine and i can still sync, i just cant see anything. i think of it as a downgrade... turning my nano into a shuffle since my nano feature is on shuffle mode... hahaha!

eric and his brothers were all teasing me about it. like "ohhh is this a new screen saver? it's nice" lol

anyway, after talking to heather, i went onto the apple site and noticed that the 8 gig nano is the same price as the 30 gig video ipod. wtf? if i have to get a new ipod, i was thinking of the 8 gig nano... but with the price, might as well go with the 30 gig video ipod. oh yeah, another wtf, the price of both is the same price i got my 4 gig nano when it first came out!

oh which reminds me... i should research if they can fix this lol denys dared me to go into the apple store and ask if they can fix it in person. "uh... something happened to my nano... i dunno... one day i woke up and it's broken" i think it might be more funny if i told them a bus ran over it

here's a random picture for you. eric's bro ran upstairs to show me what he did:

no! dont be fooled! it's not really spongebob! it's another one of plankton's plans to steal the krabby patty secret formula!

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