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whose fault?

so i was watching the season finale (i think?) of last season's HOUSE.

the ep pretty much started off with some maniac walking into the hospital and shot House. later we find out the reason why the maniac shot House was because the maniac's wife was House's patient. House was uncertain what disease the wife had... he concluded that the husband cheated because there's no other way she would've gotten the disease. so he confronted the husband and the husband confessed.

later House told the wife about the affair. after the wife was healed, she went home and killed herself.

here's what i'm wondering, whose more at fault for the wife's death?

a) the husband, for cheating in the first place

b) House, for not minding his whole business and told the wife about the affair


c) the wife, for being dumb enough to kill herself?

(eddy brought up a good point how it's the wife's fault since she was dumb enough to kill herself. so i'm putting up this up as a third option).

who's more at fault? and if you think the wife is at fault, from her aside, who is more: the husband or House?

let me know what you think!
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