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Happy Thanksgiving!

courtesy of dancetygerdance... but i changed it a little :P

Name things you are thankful for. You decide the scope and level of seriousness/silliness/both: something that made you smile, people, activities, anything! Please don't be a smartass and say, for instance, you're grateful that something annoying didn't happen to you today. We all have those days, but this isn't one of those days.


FAMILY - i am grateful for my family. for modern, trusting and understanding parents who did not give me a hard time every time i go on a road trip, travel with my bf, travel by myself or just when i want to travel period. for not scolding me of what i did wrong but advising me what i can do better. for a younger sister who has similar, if not the same, taste as me so we can do things together and talk about the same topics that interest us. for a brother who is a pain more than half the time but would back me up when i needed him. for them to be supportive.

FRIENDS - i am grate for my friends. for the ones that were there when i needed someone to talk to or/and advice. for the ones who are understanding and never gave me a hard time about anything. for especially the drama free ones. for the ones who are like siblings to me. for the ones that share great news with me. for the ones that always make me smile and/or laugh when we talked. for the encouraging ones. for the ones that have my back. for the ones that care. for the ones who never disrespected me.

EXPERIENCE - i'm grateful that i got to experience so many things in my life. such as traveling out of the country, living out of the united states, road tripping with my friends. for being born and living in a diverse city for most of my life so that i am open minded and am not afraid of trying new things and accepting towards other cultures and life styles. and because of that, i was able to experience fun activities such as snowboarding, camping, rafting (to name a few), which i am really thankful for. and also because of that, i was willing to try good food such as the cow's stomach and sashimi. (boy, would i be missing out if i didnt!) for being born to a couple who loves to travel and took me to places such as japan, china, canada, etc. way before i can make decisions if i wanted to or not.

LIFESTYLE - i am grateful for my lifestyle. grateful that i am going to a warm soft bed with 4 blankets in a cold night like this and not to a cardboard box on the streets. that i never had to know the feeling of how it feels like to go to bed with an empty stomach. that i am experiencing the luxury of owning fancy gadgets that i want.. that i was fortunate enough to go to school and graduated from college. that i was hired full time right after i graduated. that my life over all has went my way a lot of the times.

HEALTH - (thanks to dominic for this reminder) i am grateful for my health. and it's true, a lot of ppl take advantage of this. so i'm going to take the time to be grateful for it. the fact that i have all my senses so i can enjoy great concerts, food, sing-a-longs, people's smiles, laughter and hugs. that i see the world in color. that i have all my limb and organs. that i can walk, run, breathe, eat and think on my own. basically i'm grateful that i am not tied down by anything regarding health so i'm not limited and can enjoy my life to it's fullest.

last but not least...

ERIC - well.. i will spare you guys the mushy stuff :)

i hope everyone had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
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