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for the ppl that dont know, i am going to thailand and hk during christmas & new years :D i'll leave sf on dec 16 for thailand and will be in hk on dec 21... i wont be back till jan 3 :)

if you want me to get you anything, let me know and i'll see if i can get it for you. no guarantees tho :P (sorry, nothing illegal or too big for my luggage haha)

i actually wanna see if i can get christmas presents in hk hahaha so we'll meet after i come back to exchange gifts, ok? :]

yay! i cant believe it's a little over two weeks away!!! whoo!!!


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i know where that other person is heheh she's in chicago. i had a few ppl who thought i was her on like myspace, friendster, etc. and if you google my full name, she's the one that comes up, not me bwhahahahahh~!

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