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i dont mean to be conceited but it does feel good to be complimented when you think you look the worse. ever since i dated jonathan, i hardly wore make up. simply because he doesnt care (or at least he said so, and i believe him) or maybe simply because he made me feel comfortable about myself without make up =) but anyways, i stopped wearing it esp. when school started, i got lazy and really prefer the time i used to put on make up to sleep.

well anyway, for the past two weeks i've been getting compliments, mainly from guests. one encounter i could remember was where i was helping a guest and just out of the blue he said, "not like i'm trying to make a pass," he was old, "as you can see, i am occupied," as he showed me his ring, "but i think you're really pretty." :D and i remember that this is when i just tied my hair up because it bothers me, with no pins and all. so i had no make up and my hair was a mess.

another was where i was ringing this guy up and when i'm done, he said to me, "i like your smile, keep smiling," and left. on the same day, another guest i'm ringing up asked me if i considered being a model and that i should. heh heh why yes, i did thought about it...

and just yesterday i was listening to the lyrics of that bartender song i stole from denys while walking to work. and i was smiling because this song is really funny and this guy came up to me and asked me what i was listening to: "you look so happy. so beautiful." hah uhm... thanks?

and the last encounter, this morning i finally got myself the book that i've been putting off for my intercultural class. the guy ringing me up kept looking at me weird; made me a little uncomfortable but i ignored it. and in the end, he said, "have a good day and think of me during it," then showed me his name tag. "nice to meet you" was what i said.

woooot i'm a hot mama LOL literally. since now that i have a daughter LOL


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