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if you know me well, you know i like to watch those detective shows: CSI, Monk, etc. i just like how they figure things out, put pieces together, how detailed oriented they are, etc.

and as most detective shows go... there's always an ep about a person who commited suicide... with a note and everything. and then of course, as predictable as some of these eps are, you find out later that the whole thing was not a suicide but protrayed as one by the killer. etc. etc.

recently, everytime i watch an ep like that with someone (my sister, eric, whoever) i always turn to them and say, "i would never kill myself. if it appeared that i did, i was murdered" lol my sister was like "can i get that in writing?"

seriously tho. i know ppl say "never say never" but i think this is one thing i can honestly say i will NEVER do. there's only a couple reasons why someone would kill themselves over: love or/and money. i'm open with more opinions to other reasons but i think those are the primary two.

and i dont think my life is worth taking BY MY OWN hands just because i'm depressed or in debt.

it's not worth it.

now if i have to give my life to save a loved one, then yes, i would do it. but i feel that doesnt really fall under the category "suicide" even tho i might be taking my life with my own hands. i mean yeah if you look up the word "suicide" then it does fall under the same word. but when i think of "suicide" i think of depression also.

like if a loved one is in danger and the only way to save them is to kill yourself with your own hands... i dont consider that "suicide"... altho i have to wonder if that happens often lol

what you think?
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