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My Christmas Stocking

Xmas Stocking
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haha :)

this was grabbed from a number of ppl.

i just realized i have no christmas icons :P found one!

edited: i wanna comment on the stocking gifts i got haha

quasiangel and garfpooky - for the ipod gifts whoooo! those would be nice gifts :D
puppy_luv7 - mmmmm ahi tuna!!!!!!!!!! my fave!!!!!!! altho one plate wouldnt be enough. ahahaha~!
dancetygerdance - do you have some old pics of us together? that would be so adorable! we should meet up in march (may?) to look at old pics haha
_ifthisisit - you know me so well LOL
"andy lau" - HAHAHAHA! i already got one thanks ;P

more to come if i get more :P

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