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plane ride

hi! i am back! i came back yesterday afternoon. i managed to not sleep throughout my whole 10 - 12 hrs (i forgot how long it was) plane ride back. it was actually pretty easy given all the movies to watch and games to play. unfortunately i already watched all the new movies i wanted to watch. oh well.

there was this mahjong game you can play on the plane with other passengers haha i kept thinking, i wonder who this 56K guy/girl is... lol

i passed out at 10 PM last night :)

you know, while i watched the little safe tips before every flight, tv crossed my mind. especially during the part where the oxygen masks drop... i think to myself, the plane is not that steady on tv/in movies when those things drop. in movies, i usually see them drop when the plane is going through MAJOR turbulence. just think of LOST or Superman Returns. can you actually put on those masks during scary times like those? hmmmm but what do i know lol

yes i was thinking of those kind of things when i'm on a plane lol it doesnt bother me.

btw, HAPPY 2007! i'll write an entry about my trip when i upload photos and get them from ppl :) those entries would be friends only because they will include photos. so dont forget to sign on! :)
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